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Wax CBD Sour Diesel from Plant Of Life, is a cannabis extraction that contains a 66% cannabidiol value and almost no THC


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Sour Diesel CBD Wax

Sour Diesel CBD Wax is a Sativa dominant strain. It’s thought to be a cross between 91 Chemdawg and the classic Super Skunk. Though some say it’s a cross between Mexican Sativa and Chemdawg. Either way Sour diesel is a classic strain.

The flavour profile of Sour diesel (or just sour D) is predominantly citrussy along with lovely pungent diesel taste. It has many other subtle flavours and undertones, slightly sweet & sour after-taste.

The aromas of Sour D are pungent, diesel and sweet, the wax also has hints of pine as well.

The effects of sour D are energising, uplifting with slight euphoric rushes. It’s invigorating and very cerebral, a good choice for zoning into some creative projects.

Medicinally Sour D’s uplifting positivity mean people choose it for help in overcoming depression and social anxiety, as well as chronic fatigue.

Sour Diesel CBD Wax 66% has been subjected to rigorous quality controls and is 100% legal in the UK. Since its percentage of THC is always lower than 0.2%, which is the maximum value allowed by UK law, so, therefore, its a product that does not produce any psychoactive effect.

0.5g of CBD extract
66% of CBD
<0.2% THC
Pesticide-free product
UK legal THC %
UK legal THCA %
EU government-licensed grown
In compliance with the law, we cannot condone the combustion of CBD wax
Discreet packaging
Sour D CBD Wax
For any help or advice on choosing your perfect CBD product. Just get in touch, because we’re always more than happy to help.


The information above in no way replaces or constitutes medical advice.

All our CBD waxes are intended as hemp souvenirs, or to be used as hemp tea.

May contain traces of THC. In no case does it exceed the established legal limit of 0.2%.


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