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God’s Green Crack is a balanced hybrid strain bred by Jordan of the Islands, who wanted to lighten up the heavy effects of God Bud with a high-flying Green Crack sativa. The indica and sativa parents work together to deliver a duality of head and body effects that lift the mood while relaxing muscles. Its buds take on a deep purple coloration toward the end of its maturation, especially when raised in lower temperatures.

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Worthy of its name, God’s Green Crack will leave you feeling blessed and wanting to send thanks to the Holy Father for this highly potent and delicious strain! An indica-dominant hybrid that was created by crossing two of the most notorious strains, God Bud and Green Crack, the God’s Green Crack strain is super rare to find and is definitely one worth a try when you see it, especially for those seeking a well-rounded strain as it delivers both sativa and indica effects that are highly enjoyable. With a fresh herbal and tropical fruity flavour profile backed by a strong potency that reaches as high as 25% THC, God’s Green Crack is a strain that can be used recreationally or for self-medicating, and will surely please novices as well as more experienced users of cannabis!

Effects of God’s Green Crack

The high of God’s Green Crack is super potent and pretty fast acting; it might feel like it’s hitting you out of nowhere, like you’ve been smitten by the almighty himself! While it is an indica-dominant hybrid, the strain offers both sativa and indica effects for a relatively well-balanced, uplifting and relaxing high. Initially, users will experience a cerebral head high with a boost of energy, creativity and focus. These effects can help with productivity and getting tasks or projects done, whether it’s creative and artistic work or more analytical work. The same cerebral properties may help alleviate symptoms of ADD/ADHD as users feel more focused, though there are also waves of euphoria that will be experienced during this head high that can help manage stress, depression and anxiety. As the high progresses, a tingly sensation is felt throughout the body and a deep state of relaxation settles in both physically and mentally. After the initial bout of energy and creativity, users will most likely begin to feel lazy or tired as they give into the relaxation. This soothing aftermath is great for alleviating pains or aches, including those associated with arthritis, migraines or nausea; the calming effects further make God’s Green Crack suitable for pre-bedtime or evening usage and battling insomnia.

THC Content

God’s Green Crack measures at a high average range of 22% – 28% in THC. It is indica dominant with a ratio of 55% indica to 45% sativa. Its parents are infamous for their own potency and high THC content. God Bud, a balanced hybrid at 50%:50% sativa/indica though considered indica-leaning, averages 14% to 22% THC and was made by crossing two dank favourites, Hawaii and Purple Skunk. Green Crack, on the other hand, is another crowd favourite and was a result of inbreeding the Skunk #1 strain. It was actually given its name by the weed icon himself, Snoop Dogg, and is sometimes referred to as Green Cush. It is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a ratio of 65% sativa to 35% indica and a THC count of 15% – 25%.

Appearance & Aroma

The God’s Green Crack strain has buds that are a bit on the larger side and are fluffy in appearance. The colours are of a dark foresty green with speckles of curly orange pistils and purple leaves, a trait that it carries from its purple indica ancestors. It is finished with a beautiful layer of amber-coloured crystal trichomes. While this strain’s name can be intimidating, God’s Green Crack is surprisingly fruity in flavour. Its aromas are of tangy citrus and tropical fruits which are more prevalent as the buds are broken down; these fruity notes are balanced out by earthy and herbal aromas similar to sage and eucalyptus. Upon exhale, users will taste a nice woodsy flavour in addition to a rich, mango-like fruitiness!

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