Buy CBD Capsules (50mg) – 50mgs of Cannabidiol Per Pill

  • 50mg Pure CBD Cannabidiol Oil Per Capsule 30
  • 60 CBD Capsules Per Bottle
  • Vegetable-based Capsule

Pure CBD Oil Capsules – 50mg CBD Oil Per Pill – 1500mg Total

Treat yourself or a loved one with a higher dosage of CBD and treat pain and ailments without resorting to invasive procedures. These CBD Capsules (50mg) are strong enough to alleviate pain and anxiety, among a host of other symptoms. All in the form of a convenient gelatin capsule. No other ingredients are added in other than pure CBD oil to ensure a pure and clean intake.

CBD Oils which are extracted from the hemp plants are isolated from THC as well as other psychoactive cannabinoids. You will not feel any substantial effects from consuming these CBD Capsules (50mg). We still highly recommend that you find the right dosage according to your needs.

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30 Capsules Per Bottle, 60 Capsules Per Bottle


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