Notice: Intended for aromatherapy use
Brand:100% Authentic BBTank Brand Guaranteed
Battery Type:350mAh Lithium-ion
Compatibility:Up to 11mm in Diameter, 1.2+ Ohm
Output:Variable Voltage: 2.7V, 3.1V, 3.6V


BBTank VV Key Box Battery is a compact cartridge battery device that is designed to look as if it is a luxury car key box for discreet use on the go, with 3 adjustable voltage/temp presets for optimized performance on demand.

Your slim oil cartridge (max 11mm diameter / 62mm height) replaces where the key would go on a key box like this, push the front facing button and the 510 connection springs open just like an actual key fob, ready for action in a moment’s notice.

This genuine, 100% guaranteed authentic version of the BBTank Key Box Battery is equipped with variable voltage output control that makes it much more versatile. The original BBTank worked on one output setting at 3.7V, now with three adjustable voltage levels you can a ideal results with oils of varying consistency.

On the back of the BBTank VV key box is an authenticity sticker showing you’ve purchased a verifiably genuine BBTank brand item. As a trusted, reputable seller, we purchase our inventory direct from the manufacturer. This means you can count on receiving a genuine brand name product, or your money back.

To adjust the BBTank’s output levels you will want to quickly press the power button 3 times while the device is unlocked (press button 5 times.) Each time you enter a new power setting you will see a change in the Multi-color LED power indicator. A green light shows the lowest setting at 2.7V, blue indicates the medium output at 3.1V and yellow signifies the maximum power output at 3.6V. With three different levels you are sure to achieve just the results you are after.

Each BBTank Variable Voltage Key Box Battery is equipped with a long-lasting 350mAh capacity battery that supports attachments rated as low as 1.2 ohm. This device will provide days of power before eventually needing a recharge and when that time comes, the BBTank has a USB charging cable built directly into the device to ensure you are always able to recharge no matter where you are. Be sure to charge to capacity before your first use, connect to a USB compatible device and the LED will shine red when charging begins and turn green when it is completed.


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