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Buy KUSH UK online uk is defined as a specific type of cannabis which draws it’s roots from the Hindu Kush Mountain regions of the Afghanistan & Pakistan borders. Cannabis grown within this mountain range also exhibit the specific qualities that we have all come to appreciate and enjoy.Buy KUSH UK online uk

The genetics of Kush flowers vary widely from strain to strain. Some of these amazing qualities which you can expect:

– Appearance – Darker shades of green, purple, and even brown. Hair colours range from deep orange to rust. Medium sized, dense, and twisted nuggets

– Smell – Aromas range from earthy, pungent, flowery, sweet, pine, metallic, spicy, herbally, and even citrus!

– Effect – The effects are normally described as being close to the effects induced by Indica strains. One can expect feelings of heaviness and sedation. Feelings of euphoria and a want to introspect oneself is also present.

Kush strains can be very fulfilling to smoke and it is no wonder why so many people love them. So jump right on in and see what all the hype is about, greatness awaits!